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Irvine's Reliable Driveway Cleaning Team

Driveway Cleaning

Green California Window Cleaning & Exterior Wash & Pool Services proudly delivers impeccable driveway cleaning services perfectly tailored for homes in the Irvine area. No one likes driving up to a dirty driveway, but driveway cleaning is about much more than just maintaining good curb appeal. Chemicals, automotive fluids, algae, mildew, dirt- all of these contaminants can hurt your driveway's appearance while also contributing to structural damage. Driveway cleaning helps your driveway last longer with minimal upkeep!

Keeping a driveway pristine is tough for owners, especially if they don't have the tools or experience for pressure washing. Luckily, Green California offers comprehensive pressure washing for Irvine homeowners, including dedicated driveway cleaning services. Worry over stubborn driveway stains no more- our pros are here to help! Call Green California at 657-319-8550 or fill out our online form to request a free driveway cleaning estimate today!




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Pavement Pressure Washing

Traditional cleaning methods for highly porous surfaces can take a long time and a lot of effort, and usually, the assistance of harsh chemicals is needed to get the job done. Instead, we use cutting-edge pressure washing techniques that lift stains much quicker and easier than traditional methods and minimize the need for chemical assistance! Pressure washing gets in deep to blast embedded stains out of porous surfaces like concrete, and is also superb for washing sidewalks, patios, drive-thrus, and more!

Exterior Home Cleaning You Can Count On

Whether it's washing a driveway, cleaning their roof, or sanitizing their trashcans, homeowners deserve a helpful team that can take the effort out of maintaining beautiful homes. With our roster of eco-friendly pressure washing and soft washing techniques, we can help keep your home clean with dependable services like driveway cleaning, house washing, roof cleaning, trashcan cleaning, and much, much more. Coming home to a beautiful home every day shouldn't be a stressful process- we make it easy.

Frequently Asked Driveway Cleaning Questions

Yes! With pressure washing, we can remove a lot of driveway stains with just plain old water and nothing else. However, with oil stains, we will sometimes use degreasers and other detergents to break down the water-resistant substances. We use biodegradable detergents to break down these grease stains without leaving harsh chemicals behind.

Signs that your driveway needs cleaning include the presence of stains, discoloration, mold growth, or a generally dull appearance. Regular visual inspections can help homeowners identify when it's time for professional cleaning.

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