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Fence & Deck Cleaning Keeps Your Irvine Exteriors Looking Fresh

Fence & Deck Cleaning

At Green California Window Cleaning & Exterior Wash & Pool Services, we want our clients to step out into beautiful backyards, and our fence & deck cleaning services help keep Irvine home exteriors fresh and stunning! Fence & deck cleaning can be a lot of hard work, but we make it easy. Our helpful pressure washing professionals use proven fence & deck cleaning techniques and eco-friendly cleaning methods that leave your backyard hardscaping looking great without using harmful and environmentally unfriendly chemicals.

We provide professional residential pressure washing for Irvine locals to help them effortlessly maintain the homes of their dreams. With our fence & deck cleaning, you can relax knowing that our pros will go the extra mile to make your home's outdoor living spaces fresh and pristine. If it's time for a backyard clean-up, call Green California at 657-319-8550 or fill out our online form to request a free fence & deck cleaning quote today!




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The Benefits Of Regular Deck Cleaning

A deck should be the ideal outdoor relaxation space, but if your deck's maintenance needs go neglected, it can become dirty, slimy, and even start to decay. It doesn't take much to prevent that from happening though- a little regular deck cleaning, handled by trusted pressure washing pros, can make a world of difference. Our deck cleaning will help prevent decay, extend your deck's lifespan, and improve its durability and appearance!

We can also help if you have a paved or concrete patio, too. Our pressure washing services can drive out stains and sunken-in debris, while our paver & concrete sealing will lock out moisture and future stains for easier maintenance and a longer lifespan. We're here to keep your outdoor living spaces stunning at all times!

Fence Cleaning Pros

Whether they're made of wood, composite, or vinyl, fences can grow grimy and slimy with time. Our fence cleaning pros use gentle soft washing and pressure washing techniques, combined with biodegradable detergents, to gently wash away dirt, debris, and organic growth until your fence is fresh, bright, and spotless once more!

Frequently Asked Fence & Deck Cleaning Questions

Regular cleaning removes contaminants that contribute to weathering and decay, such as dirt, algae, and mildew. This protective measure helps extend the lifespan of the deck and maintains its structural integrity, so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come!

Yes! We are very careful to shield our clients' landscaping while cleaning near vegetation, and we collect wastewater and use biodegradable detergents to protect against exposing your landscaping to damaging chemicals. Eco-friendliness is a core part of our ethos, and we want to leave our clients with a fresh, safe, and healthy backyard that they can thoroughly enjoy.

Create A Clean Environment Again With Our Irvine Pressure Washing Specialists