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Paver & Concrete Sealing

If you want to keep your Irvine property's paved surfaces safe from wear and tear, our paver & concrete sealing service can help! Green California Window Cleaning & Exterior Wash & Pool Services not only provides expert pressure washing for Irvine locals; we also offer extra services to make property maintenance easier for our clients. Our driveway cleaning service blasts out stubborn concrete stains, but our paver & concrete sealing service helps keep them from coming back!

With proper paver & concrete sealing, your walkways, driveways, and patios can better withstand the elements and resist developing unsightly stains. Certain sealers can also enhance the color and brightness of your paved surfaces for better visual appeal. We want to help you protect your property and take its appearance over the top. If you're interested in our paver & concrete sealing services, call Green California at 657-319-8550 or fill out our online form for a free quote!




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Paver Sealing Preserves Your Stone & Brick Pavers

Sealing paved surfaces is essential for preserving their appearance and structural integrity. The protective barrier created by sealing shields against UV rays, prevents color fading, and acts as a deterrent to stains and spills, making maintenance easier and enhancing the overall cleanliness of the surface.

Additionally, sealing provides resistance to weed growth, reducing the need for constant weeding and protecting paved surfaces from the potential damage root growth can cause. It can even deter mold growth, which can weaken brick surfaces. Paver sealing is a simple but cost-effective measure that helps your hardscaping stand the test of time.

Professional Concrete Sealing

As dense and durable as concrete is, it's not immune to wear and tear. The application of a concrete sealant creates a protective barrier against various elements, including UV rays, water, oil, stains, and general wear and tear, helping to maintain the integrity and aesthetic appeal of the concrete.

All concrete surfaces should be sealed to prevent severe staining, cracks, and other damage- especially if it's a highly used service like your driveway or sidewalk. Our professionals are trained in paver & concrete sealing, ensuring an even and long-lasting application that keeps your concrete surfaces clean and sturdy.

Frequently Asked Paver & Concrete Sealing Questions

The frequency of sealing depends on factors such as climate, traffic, and the type of sealant used. In general, it's recommended to seal pavers and concrete every 1-3 years. If you've started noticing signs like rapid water absorption, loss of color, and general wear and tear, that's a good indication that you need to re-seal your hardscaping!

Yes, older pavers and concrete can be sealed to rejuvenate their appearance and provide protective benefits. It's essential to clean the surfaces thoroughly before applying the sealant to promote proper adhesion. Our pressure washers can help handle both the cleaning and sealing process for comprehensive hardscaping care!

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